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Video Shoot with Phluid Media

27/04/2013 08:42
Video shoot at Planck Studios, Hoxton. 10-2pm.    

Video Shoot Today!

27/04/2013 08:39
Hi there folks,   I hope you are all well and enjoying today's sunshine...   I took a little break as it's been really hectic this end but today is the day of the video shoot to promote my forthcoming debut EP 'Travelled Tales.'   Only just over 1 hr to go so better get...

New Song!

07/04/2013 01:03
Last Friday I went into the studio and finished new track 'Sea Green.'  This will be the last track on the forthcoming EP.   Can't wait for you all to hear it. :-)

Progress on EP Tracks

24/02/2013 18:05
Hi all,   Just to keep you updated, last Friday the studio began to master the EP tracks.  Not long now ...hopefully. :-)   Lyn 

Bandcamp - A great discovery

07/02/2013 21:13
Today, I discovered a great website called 'bandcamp' - it is absolutely brilliant just as good as I-tunes and Spotify! I was blown away.  Just wanted to share with you.     Once my tracks have been mastered, I intend to upload them for sale to, I-tunes and Amazon....

Wheels in Motion

05/02/2013 23:32
I can't believe I finally finished my first project.  Travelled Tales is my debut EP and it's been a long but fascinating journey so far.   From writing poems and articles to set music to, to physically visiting places  and observing human nature to gain inspiration;  I haven't...

New EP

04/02/2013 22:30
EP was finished 26th January, 2013 at Premises Studios   Currently waiting for tracks to be mixed-down and CDs to be produced.  Please watch this space for progress...


04/02/2013 22:28
Thank you for visiting my website.   You can follow me on Twitter (Big Smoke Music), Myspace (Myspace/Lynrajah) and on Facebook too  - just search Lyn Rajah Musician/Composer.     Please check back regularly to find out about forthcoming events and news and where your support...

Website launched

04/02/2013 22:27
    My new website was launched today!   This is an update from my former website which is still available to look at but no longer live.   Please check  for up-to-date news and information.  

Travelled Tales Debut EP Release date 12th August, 2013

04/02/2013 22:27
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