Songwriter's course at Premises Studios - 20th June - 23rd June, 2014

10/07/2014 18:19

If you are a song-writer and anyone invites you to the Premises Studios course then GO!!! 


I was debating because of the course and taking time of work but I will never regret signing up for it.


I have over-come my writer's block and gained a new found creative approach to my work, gained more experience, met talented musicians and made friends.


One of the best moments was writing a song from scratch and having it performed by a live band The Daintee's on the last day.


Getting back into routine after the course was difficult at first but now I have more confidence and ended up releasing a new single yesterday largely due to the creative flow of writing I did in those 4 days.


Time to sign off for now so happy weekend everyone.